We are a team of designers, developers and engineers sharing a commom target of creating high level products which may bring more comfort and better quality of life for users.

​Storage of cigars and any other tobacco related products needs special attention in order to guarantee keeping their original quality unchanged for a long time, this way temperature and relative air umidity correct ranges must be respected, this last is most important and special modern digital techniques must be used in order to achieve high precision control level.

​Unlike other countries, specially the european ones where dry air conditions are commom, continental dimensions countries show several different wheather conditions, this way tobacco cabinets designed and intended to be used in european countries are not always well suited for  the US; this way new solutions are needed in order to allow the use of tobacco cabinets under any different wheather conditions, covering both dry and damp geographic locations.

​The operation of our products relies upon scientific basis, it is totally based on the laws of Psichrometry, Thermodynamics branch which studies atmospheric air/water vapour equilibrium.

​Using the expertise acquired during several decades of engagement on electronic automation technology, we have developed in an unprecedented worldwide basis an unique monitoring and control system for storage of tobacco related products; besides establishing best ranges of temperature and relative umidity additionally informs the existence of moisturizing fluid at the storage recipient, physical situation of the door, closed/opened, signaling how long it is being kept opened, controls internal LED lighting, shows temperature and relative umidity on a LCD dsplay placed on the front door and many other features.

Development and design excelence, use of highest quality raw materials, special attention during manufacture and finish are our main objectives, in order to achieve an international class quality level standard.


Our operation always strictly follows the principles of Ethics, Honesty and Transparency, in order to offer products with a well balanced price-quality-service tripod, targeting getting customers’ satisfaction.

Our continuous research efforts push us toward the use of Internet of Things solutions, these techniques will surely be present in our products in the very near future.


We are open to new challenges and market opportunities, we welcome the possibility of analysing and establishing mutually profitable partnerships.

If you want to know a little more or establish contact with us please fill in the form below and let`s lnow , your questions, special attention will be given to comments and suggestions, they`re most welcome!




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