The ultimate system - cigar cabinets with unique features - automatic digital monitoring of both temperature and internal moisture, using state of the art electronic sensors -  top quality, reliability and high technology at your disposal - allows remote presetting of the desired range of internal umidity!
New options!
Several new options are currently available, including remote monitoring and control allowing the use of your smartphone to monitor the state of your cigars, keeping their original quality 
Our innovative design allows optional use of independent gears for increasing or decreasing inner  moisture level, a complete control action avoiding occurance of extreme undesirable conditions, that is, excessively dry or, on the other hand, wet cigars, preventing  development of mold and bacteria which may compromise quality and even cause loss of products!
Unique high tech supervision systems and embedded firmware monitor the  psichrometric state of the inner atmosphere of the cabinet - allows wireless remote presetting of internal umidity range

Tobacco Cabinet  - model Lounge

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